Introducing Georgia, our first Hideout Hostel Ambassador!

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I’ve spent the last few months trying to plan the most unreal European Snow Adventure. And, what better place to stop than in Morzine. I’ve heard, and seen nothing but good things, and have been dreaming of the French Alps for a really looongg time. I researched the mountains and was sold as soon as I saw the Portes Du Soleil resort maps. Morzine also gets a pretty wicked review on Trip Advisor.

-Why did you want to become a HideOut Ambassador?

HideOut Hostel and I have a lot in common. We’re both about the community feel, opportunities to meet new people from all over the world, finding the powder, and, one hell of a party. *Jager Bombs, please*  We also have a few similar characteristics: fun, energetic, personable and, of course, in love with the snow. When I realised the similarities, I thought I’d be crazy if I didn’t apply to become an Ambassador. What better way to experience the French Alps, than as the Ambassador of HideOut Hostel in Morzine!

-What can we expect from you on the slopes?

Lots of stacks, (okay maybe not THAT many) some screaming from excitement, and long-committed days. I’m into some good carving! On my last snow trip in New Zealand, I nailed a few new skills. So hopefully by the time I get to Morzine, I’ll be throwing down a few more!! Also, a wild outfit every now and again is not out of the ordinary for GQ (see image). Oh, and fingers crossed for that perfect line in the pow.

-Favourite drink?

Two words: Jager Bomb. Deadly, but an extreme hoot. And honestly, who doesn’t love a good Jager Bomb.

I also can’t say no to a James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale, but that’s an Aussie beer so I guess I can’t expect to drink that everywhere.

-Famous Last words?

“Grinner’s are winners, baby!!”

Or even…

‘Here’s to Good Quality times ahead. Georgia Quinn, GQ, Good Quality!!’

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