Hiking into this week’s edition of the Hideout Hostel Guide to Summer in Morzine! We are incredibly lucky to have so many epic hikes right on our doorstep here at Hideout Hostel. We have hikes ranging from short and chilled, to long and technical and everything in between.

The Portes du Soleil multi pass allows you to use chairlifts to access further away peaks too!

Take a map and navigate your self, (there are lots of sign posts too) or book out our favourite mountain guide Simone Simpson @magicalsnowtreks, check out her hiking itinaries below!

Here are our top 5 hikes in Morzine.

Morzine town centre to Nyon Water Fall (Cascade de Nyon)
Difficulty rating: 2/10
This hike takes you on a well trodden track along the river and up to the magnificent Cascade de Nyon.
From Hideout Hostel, walk down the hill into the Marie Square. Cross the little bridge and walk past the library (le bibliothèque) and turn left.
Walk through a narrow road between houses, and join the river. Follow the river until you get to a path that goes under a bridge.
From here, turn left and continue walking up the river. Just before you reach the Nyon car park, before the bridge, turn right and continue following the river up.

Cascade De Nyon (Nyon Waterfall)

Ahead you will reach the first waterfall (casacade). Continue up the steps to visit the second higher cascade.
Stand in awe of the power of water as it comes crashing down, or watch from the safety of the bridge as Frogs Rafting take guided groups canyoning and descend down the waterfall, or take part in the Cascade Aventure high ropes course! (Not just for kids, its super fun!)
From here, you can continue through the woods as a little loop back to Nyon car park, then back down the river path to town. (Approximately 1 hour loop)

Pointe de Nyon 2019m
Difficulty rating: 6/10 (one of the three peaks of Morzine)
Pointe de Nyon towers above Morzine at 2019metres above sea level. It is a fantastic hike to do whilst you are in Morzine, and offers incredible views over the Morzine valley, and over towards Mont Blanc. Out of the three peaks in Morzine, we think this one is the easiest. You do require a good level of fitness and allow enough time to get up and down though!
To get there, follow the route to the Cascade de Nyon above, and up to the second cascade. From here take the path through the woods. You will end up on what is a Piste in the winter. Here, walk up to the piste, until you find a sign on the left hand side to Nyon Plataeu. ALTERNATIVELY, if you have access to a car you can drive to Nyon Plateau to start the hike from there. Once you are at the plateau, head up towards the peak, until you join a path on the left hand side, (sign posted Pointe de Nyon)
This path will weave up through the trees on the left hand side of Nyon to the peak. Enjoy 360 degree epic views! You deserve it!
We recommend walking back down the piste to the plateau, and the re tracing your steps for the path back down to Morzine.

Pointe de Nyon Hike

Pointe du Ressachaux 2173m
Difficulty rating: 8/10  (second of the three peaks of Morzine)
Ressachaux is just across the valley from Nyon. It sits pretty at 2173 metres above sea level. An incredibly rewarding hike with some pretty spectacular views from the top. This hike is quite steep. We made the mistake of tackling this one on one of the hottest days of the summer, in the middle of the day! It takes a good 5-6 hours round trip. We would recommend going early in the morning, and taking lots of water!
To start, leave Hideout Hostel, and walk down to the Marie Square. Take the road in the direction of Prodains, and once taken the steep u turn bend, take the road on the right. The start of the path is along this road (Chemin Du Cret). It is next to a chalet and can be easy to miss!
This path zig zags up through the forest, until you come out into the meadows. There is a handful of hunter lodges and a water trough. From here you can take the path up to the right or the left (meaning you can do a loop!) We opted to go up the left hand side (we thought steeper was easier on the way up) You will reach the summit where there is a small stone cross. High fives all round at the top, before descending back to town for a well deserved beer (or cocktail or soft drink) at Hideout Hostel!

Pointe De Ressachaux

Pointe de Nantaux 2170m
Difficulty rating: 8/10 
Pointe de Nantaux is the third of the three peaks in Morzine. (If you really want a challenge, try doing all three peaks in a day!)

hideout Hostel Morzine Pointe de Nantaux hike
Pointe De Nantaux

The start of this hike is in a little village just down the valley called Essert Piere, so you’ll either need to drive there, or grab a taxi (try Getaway Vans)
Park in the centre of the village and head up into the woods from the chapel. Follow the track up through the forest. You will then come out into the open, and follow the path along the ridge on the left hand side. Once you reach the false summit (sorry) you traverse along the top of the ridge to the cross.
We found Nantaux a little more challenging than the others due to the steepness. We recommend taking poles!

Hideout Hostel Morzine Belvedere du Lac de Montriond
Belvedere du Lac de Montriond

Montriond Lake
One of our favourite places in Morzine is Lac de Montriond. You can either walk from Morzine town centre, or get the bus to the lake.) Once at the lake there are lots of options, either walk around the lake and go for a cool off dip, continue to walk up past the lake, up to Cascade D’Ardent (massive waterfall!)  If you fancy a big hike, from the Cascade d’Ardent, you can walk up into the cliffs on the left and up to the old slate mines, and eventually up to the Belvedere du Lac de Montriond which is an epic view point of the lake and surrounding mountains. 

Guided Hikes with Simone Simpson
We work with local guide Simone Simpson (Magical Snow Treks). She offers guided hikes around the area, and is incredibly knowledgable! She offers different options, ranging from summits, to foraging walks, or even learning French. For more information or to book, get in touch with her: 0033646021612 Or send an email to: info@magicalsnowtreks.com

Hiking/trail running in the mountains is incredibly rewarding, but please remember to tell someone where you are going, take a map, or have a good idea of the route you are taking. In the summer temperatures can rise to the late 30 degrees, so make sure you take water, snacks, sun cream and a hat. The weather can change extremely quickly and a mountain storm can blow in within minutes, so also remember to take a waterproof layer in case you get caught out! Maps are available in the Carrefour supermarket or at La Presse.
If you get into trouble, dial 112.

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